A Christmas Princess

A Christmas Princess Movie Poster
  • Tagline
    • A prince from Europe comes to New York for a royal holiday dinner and falls in love with the chef that is planning the event.

  • Year of Production
    • 2019
  • US Network
    • ION
  • US Air Date
    • December 1st, 2019
  • Director
    • Fred Olen Ray
  • Cast
    • Shein Mompremier ("Black Lightning")
    • Travis Burns ("Neighbours")
    • Erin Gray
    • Cameron Jebo
  • Genre
    • Christmas
    • Holiday
    • Romance
  • Run Time (mins)

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JESSICA is a struggling chef living in a trendy borough in New York. Her restaurant just hasn’t received the kind of attention that it takes to survive, especially with Christmas on the way. PRINCE JACK is from a small European country and arrives in New York to plan his family’s annual Christmas charity dinner. After firing the cantankerous chef, he finds himself lost in the big city and wanders into none other than Jessica’s restaurant. He immediately falls in love with Jessica’s cooking and comes up with a brilliant plan: why doesn’t she cater his Christmas gala? As romance blossoms, so do the obstacles. His parents, a would-be girlfriend and a pushy socialite (and ex-girlfriend) from Jack’s home country all stand in the way. But love is a powerful force. And as the day of the big event arrives, she decides she doesn’t care what anyone else says. She’s going to make the best dinner the annual Christmas gala has ever seen! And, in the process, she might just land herself the best Christmas present of all - her very own Prince!


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