Another Pair of Aces

Another Pair of Aces
  • Tagline
    • A gambler, a Texas Ranger and an FBI agent investigate a series of vigilante murders.

  • Year of Production
    • 1991
  • US Network
    • CBS
  • US Air Date
    • April 9th, 1991
  • Director
    • Bill Bixby
  • Cast
    • Willie Nelson
    • Kris Kristofferson
    • Joan Severance
    • Rip Torn
  • Genre
    • Drama
    • Western
    • Crime
  • Run Time (mins)
    • 93

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A con-man safecracker (Willie Nelson) and his Texas Ranger buddy (Kris Kristofferson) help a retired Ranger (Rip Torn) accused of murder.


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