Hatfields & McCoys: Bad Blood

Hatfields and McCoys Bad Blood Movie Poster
  • Tagline
    • When a Union soldier on his way home crosses paths with a family of Confederate supporters, a bloody feud erupts between neighboring families.

  • Year of Production
    • 2012
  • US Network
    • N/A
  • US Air Date
    • June 5th, 2012
  • Director
    • Fred Olen Ray
  • Cast
    • Jeff Fahey
    • Christian Slater
    • Perry King
    • Priscilla Barnes
    • Kassandra Clementi
  • Genre
    • Western
    • Action
  • Run Time (mins)

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A Union soldier on his way home runs afoul of Jim Vance and his nephew Ellison Hatfield. Confederate sympathizers, they're furious with the idea of one of their neighbors fighting for the Union.


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