A Husband for Christmas

A Husband for Christmas Movie Poster
  • Tagline
    • Two co-workers agree to a marriage of convenience, but an unrealized chemistry grows between them.

  • Year of Production
    • 2016
  • US Network
    • ION
  • US Air Date
    • December 11th, 2016
  • Director
    • David DeCoteau
  • Cast
    • Vivica A. Fox ("Independence Day")
    • Jackee Harry ("Sister Sister")
    • Eric Roberts
    • Ricco Ross
    • Dominique Swain
  • Genre
    • Christmas
    • Holiday
    • Romance
    • Comedy
  • Run Time (mins)

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Brooke and Roger, two graphic designers in a soon-to-be-merged company, help one another by agreeing to a loveless marriage of convenience, suggested by their new boss. In the process, Brooke gets to upstage the sister who just announced her engagement to Brooke's ex-boyfriend during the holidays. But, with their “marriage” in question, will Brooke and Roger find a spark they didn’t know existed?


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