Christmas Matchmakers

  • Tagline
    • Two personal assistants set up their bosses and fall in love with each other during the holidays.

  • Genre
    • Holiday
    • Romance
  • Year of Production
    • 2019
  • US Network
    • ION
  • US Air Date
    • Christmas, 2019 (TBC)
  • Director
    • David DeCoteau
  • Cast
    • Anna Marie Dobbins (“Stalked By My Doctor”)
    • Vivica A. Fox (“Independence Day”)
    • Dorian Gregory (“Charmed”)


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JEN is a personal assistant to KATE, an advertising executive for an online sales company. JON is a personal assistant to the high-strung owner, OWEN, of a candy conglomerate. All of them work in the same building and the two assistants clearly like each other, although they have not officially met. When they “bump” into each other, the two both get to talking about their stressful jobs. They hatch a plan - to get their bosses together. If Kate and Owen are dating each other, they would have less time to overwork their assistants and both bosses would take time off for Holidays, meaning more Christmas vacation time. Through this journey, Jon and Jen realize they love each other and realize Owen and Kate are meant for each other and must be together, whatever it takes. At the Office Christmas party, Jon and Jen admit to their Christmas mischief, but say the set-up, while under false pretenses, worked and their bosses should see past it. They ultimately do, and all four kiss on the dance floor, under the mistletoe!